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LoanNorway Team

Who are we?

Focus on the Norwegian Loan Market is an integral part of the digital mediahouse Move Marketing Co., Ltd. Supported by a team with deep expertise in comparison services and a passionate commitment to website enhancement, this expertise guarantees a smooth and user-friendly experience for visitors.

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Our Journey

LoanNorway is a part of Move Marketing


Foundation of Move Marketing

Established by Kristian Ole Rørbye, Move Marketing Co., Ltd. is a digital marketing firm focusing on website development and search engine optimization.



Expansion into Affiliate Marketing

Expanding beyond SEO and client-based website design, Move Marketing started to develop its own media assets, primarily comparison websites.

Growth of Media Portfolio

The focus shifted to owning media outlets, with now more than 50 properties in Scandinavia and globally.



Launch of LoanNorway

LoanNorway was launched to assist users with the Norwegian loan market, helping them find the best loan options available.

Assessment and Selection of Loan Providers

At, we prioritize transparency in our process for choosing loan providers. We invest countless hours researching the Norwegian loan market to provide a thorough overview. Our assessments include various criteria such as Trustpilot ratings, cost structures, promotional offerings, customer service quality, and the sustainability initiatives of the institutions, which we rank accordingly.

Our Revenue Model

It is important to note that the loan providers featured on our site are our partners. When you use a service through our referral, we receive a commission at no extra cost to you. This arrangement helps us maintain our platform and cover costs related to hosting, content production, research, SEO, and other operational expenses.


Up to 800.000 kr.

Opportunity to borrow up to 800,000 NOK.



Monthly visitors using LoanNorway to learn about the Norwegian loan market.



We have a team of experts ready at email and chat to assist with any questions.